What is Get Haunted?

The Get Haunted Network is a variety of things, and to put a singular label on it would be a disservice, because it serves many roles.

At its simplest, it would most accurately be described as an honest attempt to build a NETWORK and COMMUNITY of people and groups who live for the paranormal.

It is a place for individuals, teams, location owners, gear creators, and the curious to ask questions, share evidence, talk about methods, and COLLABORATE on all aspects of the field.

It is designed to be a place to find friends. A place to find and customize equipment. A place to develop partnerships. A place to coordinate investigations.  A place for new people and seasoned veterans alike.


After years of investigating, it has become painfully obvious that the paranormal field can be difficult to navigate.  This is due to a variety of reasons such as exclusivity, arrogance, ignorance, misinformation, etc.  

There are many amazing and caring people in this industry, but this issue exists enough to make things more difficult than they really need to be.  Teams and individuals alike have probably run into one or more of these issues when trying to investigate a location, work with other teams, etc. It isn’t easy.

None of this helps push the paranormal into the mainstream at all. In fact, it hurts the cause. We hope to help alleviate this so people can work together, make new friends, and overall move the field forward.


By building a network of skilled and passionate people with at least one common interest and various complimentary skillsets.

Maybe you need help designing a new logo or throwing together a video for YouTube.  Maybe you have an idea for a piece of equipment but don’t know where to start.  Maybe you are new to field and need help getting started.

Having a network of people that are talented and willing to help each other benefits everyone.

Working together, rather than against each other, will not only grow the community and all of our skills, but it will unite people with a common cause…the research and promotion of all things paranormal.

This is The Get Haunted Network!

Our Mission Is Simple.  To unite, and promote as many paranormal enthusiasts, teams, locations, and vendors as possible by building a network that is willing and able to help each other succeed, even in the smallest of ways.

We are so happy you have found us. Look around, explore, and #GetHaunted #StayHaunted !