Empty Casket Paranormal is a paranormal investigation team (Bill Bryan and Tanya Gilroy) from NEPA. They specialize in creating their own paranormal equipment and inventing new techniques and experiments that they implement in their investigations.

You can find Empty Casket here and on the socials.

If you haven’t heard me say it already, MSP is probably my favorite place to investigate ON THE PLANET.

This location has an amazing history, crazy activity, and the people that run it are absolutely amazing.

Check their website out here!

Ducklatch Productions is an awesome little production company based out of the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

Their work is fun, inspiring, and pretty damned good if you ask me. Nick and the team are incredibly talented – check out their website here!

I have personally spent several nights at White Hill Mansion and I absolutely love the place. I was fortunate enough to “see” a full blown apparition on one of my first visits there and it was truly astounding.

The mansion has been highlighted on several TV shows .. and for good reason.

Check their website out here!